The Belka woodworking plant offers environmentally safe efficient fuel with a high level of efficiency. Pellets are made of sawdust and chips of coniferous species, do not contain dyes and other additives. Due to the high density and minimal humidity, they burn much better than firewood, releasing enough heat to heat the room. They are suitable for use both in special pellet boilers and in conventional furnaces.

Pellets, as a solid type of fuel, are rapidly gaining popularity. Special equipment has been installed in the production, where sawdust and chips are turned into cylindrical fuel pellets with a size from 10 to 50 mm by pressing under high pressure.

Pellets have a number of advantages over other types of fuel:

  • High heat supply compared to other traditional fuels;
  • Existing boilers are easily converted to new fuel;
  • Fireproof - do not contain dust, so they do not ignite;
  • Pellets do not cause an allergic reaction in humans and animals;
  • 3 times more effective than chopped firewood;
  • Environmentally friendly for the environment;
  • Minimum warehouse space for storing pellets, several times less than warehouses for storing firewood.

Due to the high-quality raw materials in the manufacture of fuel pellets, after combustion, pellets do not need special disposal, their ash content is ~ 0.3%.
In one ton of wood pellets - 1.5 m3 and energy is released during combustion - 5000 kW.

The Belka company invites individuals and large commercial companies to buy fuel pellets at the manufacturer's price

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